Hop on the Spiked Seltzer Train with These New Flavors To Sample in the Springtime

Spiked seltzers are arguably the adult beverage of the moment. Introduced in 2013 but not commercially popular until 2016, when White Claw made spiked seltzer a household name, the seltzer market is now stronger than ever, with more and more seltzers being released onto the market all the time. Wondering which seltzers you can look forward to trying this spring? Here are 3 newer options that your tastebuds are sure to love. Just remember to enjoy them in moderation!

Quirk Spiked and Sparkling Seltzer by Boulevard Brewing Company

Most spiked seltzers adhere to the usual flavor profiles: cherry, strawberry, and so on. Boulevard Brewing Company’s offerings are different, with flavors like Pear Yuzu and Blackberry Sage, making their seltzers something you’ll want to seek out and try. They’re also created with real fruit and contain plenty of bubbles, so you can rest assured that your drink won’t go flat immediately after opening.

Spiked Snowmelt by Upslope

Keto dieters, rejoice! The Spiked Snowmelt line of seltzer drinks is perfect for anyone who wants to jump on the seltzer bandwagon, while also limiting their carbohydrate intake. Every 12-ounce serving has just 2 grams of carbs and sugar, in addition to unique flavors like Pomegranate and Açaí Berry and Juniper and Lime.

4 Ways to Rosé by Smirnoff

You can rosé all day with the new mixed pack from Smirnoff, 4 Ways to Rosé. The quartet offers flavors that play off the flavor profile of the pink-hued wine: Pink Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, and White Peach. Since they come from a major label, they’re readily available, and at just 90 calories, zero sugar, and one gram of carbohydrates per can, you can drink them guilt-free.

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