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4 Sneaky Ways to Drink More Water

Water: the most essential fluid for your body. Water is a necessity for every organ and processes your body goes through, from digestion to cell regeneration. Staying hydrated is key to overall health, and it also prevents a ton of unfortunate ailments, including headaches, irritability, and more. It can be difficult to drink enough water each day, though. Maybe you find it hard to drink such a flavorless beverage, or perhaps you simply forget to drink up. In any case, here are 4 sneaky ways to work more water into your day-to-day.

Add flavorings.

If you find yourself growing tired of the plain taste of water, encourage yourself to continue drinking it by tossing in fun flavorings. Grab a reusable bottle with an infusing attachment and try adding berries, lemon and lime slices, mint, basil, cucumber, or any other flavorful ingredient you can think of. You can also try pre-packaged water enhancers, like those offered by Crystal Light.

Use a straw.

Ever wondered why restaurants always serve drinks with straws? As it turns out, you tend to drink more of your beverage in a shorter amount of time if you use a straw. Adapt this restaurant hack for yourself and reach for a straw when sipping on water. You’ll likely find yourself instinctively sucking down the H2O without realizing it!

Sip before you feel thirsty.

Many of us use thirst as a barometer for how dehydrated we are. Yet, according to many nutritionists, thirst is a sign that you’re already dehydrated and now must make up for lost fluids. A far better way to stay hydrated is to continually sip on water, even when your body doesn’t feel thirsty. Try carrying a bottle of fresh H2O wherever you go, which will remind you to stay hydrated.

Eat water-rich foods.

Did you know that you can also stay hydrated by eating water-rich foods, like cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, and zucchini? Eating a diet rich in these foods can contribute to your daily water consumption, while also boosting your overall health.

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