Tackle Your Car Next If You Are Amped by Everything to Do with Spring Cleaning

We all want to be productive and carve out efficient routines for ourselves in any season, but during the springtime, many people want to take extra steps, especially when it comes to their cleaning regimen. When making a game plan for your apartment home to eliminate both dust and dirt, don’t overlook another area you might spend quite a bit of time in – your car.

After all, you likely use your car every day, or if you work remotely, still fairly frequently, which means that it might contain a lot of germs. So, without taking any more time out of your busy day, here are a few tips to consider while spring cleaning your vehicle.

Begin with cleaning your car’s interior. 

To clean your vehicle’s upholstery, use a sponge or a spray with dry-cleaning fluid, or a warm water and vinegar solution, to wipe off any stains. Repeat the procedure until all stains are gone. Stubborn stains can be treated with a commercial stain treatment. Vinyl interior surfaces of your car will benefit from treatment with a surface protector. Be sure to get to those surfaces that are hard to reach, including around panel switches, seams, and so forth. You don’t want to leave any surface untouched!
Organize the interior of your car and all of its belongings.

Remove all trash and vacuum thoroughly. Organize your auxiliary cords, phone charger, and other items that you regularly keep in your car. You may want to keep a small organizer crate in your car to hold miscellaneous items that might make their way to the floor of your car or under your seats.  This way, you’ll know exactly where everything is and can avoid digging through your car when trying to locate items.
Pay attention to the exterior of your car.

Of course, you’ll want to wash the exterior of your car. Then, check for any areas that need paint touchups. You can usually purchase paint that matches your car’s surface. Cover any small scratches or bare areas that might be prone to rust.  If you’d like, you can also use a specialty cloth to wipe down your car’s body and windows for a million-dollar, streak-free shine.

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