This Chai Hot Toddy Recipe Offers a Great Way to End January on a Cozy Note

Hot toddies are traditionally made with hot water, whiskey, lemon, and honey – four ingredients that, when mixed, are said to even help with cold symptoms. But, what if you want to add a little more sweetness and spice to this cold-weather beverage? This reimagined Chai Hot Toddy adds chai tea, milk, and spices, and swaps whiskey for dark rum to add complexity to the beverage. And, yes, it’s as good as it sounds! So, try this easy recipe tonight.


• 2 black tea bags
• 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
• 1 2-inch piece fresh ginger, unpeeled, thinly sliced
• 4 cinnamon sticks
• 4 cloves
• 3/4 cup milk
• 1/4 cup honey
• 3 ounces dark rum
• 2 pods star anise, for garnish


1. In a medium pot, bring 1 cup of water to a boil over medium heat. Once it’s at a rolling boil, remove the pot from the heat and add both tea bags, cardamom, ginger, 2 cinnamon sticks, and cloves. Cover and let the tea steep for 6 minutes. Remove the tea bags.

2. Return the pot to heat, then stir in the milk and honey. Heat gently, stirring occasionally, until the honey has been fully incorporated, about 4-5 minutes.

3. Strain the tea through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl or pot to remove the spice solids; discard spices. Divide among two mugs and top off each with 1 1/2 ounces dark rum. Garnish each with a cinnamon stick and star anise pod.

Mix-up something scrumptious tonight with this special recipe provided to you by Oxford at The Boulevard Apartments in Corinth, Texas, and put our updated, fully equipped kitchens to good use!

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