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You Will Love These Three Natural Beauty Brands Founded By Black Women

Clean beauty is a major buzzword these days. Due to consumer preferences for ethically sourced and sustainably made ingredients, even commercial brands are rushing to add clean ingredients to their list of product offerings. Yet, these 3 Black-owned clean beauty brands are already elevating the market with their unique, effective products designed to counteract skincare woes and improve your overall health and wellness. Learn more about them below.

Rosen Skincare

Acne products can seem clinical – even the ones that don’t boast medical-grade effectiveness. If you’re sick of acne care products that are expensive and/or loaded with chemicals, do yourself a favor and check out Rosen Skincare by Jamika Martin. The line consists of everything you need, from cleansers to masks, and each formula is rich with clean beauty ingredients. Best of all, Rosen Skincare is affordably priced, with products ranging from 12 to 20 dollars each.

Peak & Valley

If you’re intrigued by beauty supplements and want to improve yourself from the inside out, check out Peak & Valley. Nadine Joseph created Peak & Valley in 2019 when she realized that the appropriate adaptogens and herbal supplements for her chronic stress, fatigue, and skin issues didn’t exist. Now, the Seattle-based healthcare brand offers herbal blends designed to combat stress, nurture skin, and nourish your brain that can be mixed with coffees, milk, and teas.

54 Thrones

For effective beauty products created with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients, look no further than 54 Thrones by Christina Funke Tegbe. The line, inspired by the beauty rituals Tegbe’s Nigerian aunts taught her, consists of natural skincare products infused with exotic roots, herbs, oils, and butter. Though at a higher price point than Rosen Skincare and Peak & Valley, goods from 54 Thrones have a luxurious quality that has outlets like Vogue and celebrities like Oprah singing their praises!

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